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Post by SeekerOfD on Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:19 pm

Hey guys,

We plan on making this forum more than a chat room. We plan to host events on here along with on Call of Duty 4.

What we WILL do, we haven't planned anything official just yet, what we will do is we will tell you guys about an event about 1 week in advance to make sure you all can make it. Then we make at an appropriate time and zzzz... ferget that boring shit, what you want to know are the events.

Basically, the big boss king will host a game on COD4 obviously with [M] infront of it except we will password lock the game so that you must check for the password on here. This is to get you guys to check here more often and to get rid of those annoying random guys joining.

Just to test this little event thing, we will be hosting a Search and Destroy Match exclusive to the members of [M] Academy. Time and date will be posted later on. We just want to see how many people are up for it.

KK enough talking, Cya later!


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