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[M] application form ( MUST!!!!  ) Empty [M] application form ( MUST!!!! )

Post by [M]Atch***** on Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:11 pm

COPY whole form paste in micrsoft words than fill it + picture( open paint in ur pic take ur face out) After filling up the form n putted pic plz send to Reyvan's private message
[M] Academy Cadet Application Form

Please fill in all information below and attach real picture of the user (optional)

1) Name (according to IC):

2) In-game nick: (put a / between names if you use more than one)

3) Date of birth:

4) Gender:

5) Race:

6) State of country:

7) Messenger/ Skype/ Xfire :

[M] application form ( MUST!!!!  ) Icon_cool Reasons for joining [M] Academy:

9) Variety of games I am interested in (game name or game type):

11) ( ) I hereby declare all information given is true, and I understand and obey the rules and regulation of [M] Academy

Comments (Office use only):

Information supplied will be kept confidential. M academy will not use any part of the data in any form whatsoever that will compromise the privacy of the submitter

ps:failure to provide the form after 7 days of account registration will automatically be deleted

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[M] application form ( MUST!!!!  ) Dsc00474_2[M] application form ( MUST!!!!  ) Fox

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[M] application form ( MUST!!!!  ) Empty Re: [M] application form ( MUST!!!! )

Post by Marksman on Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:27 pm

All applications are to be sent by email to Match or Private message to Reyvan and not to be posted here.

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