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Post by [M]Atch***** on Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:28 am

The clan it is limited space to 14 member only, tis place is saved for ppl who contributed alot to M academy and people who fight in scrim or friendly match in M academy, u need to contribute alot to join in [M] Clan in GGC.

Just to let u all know, those who wanted to participate in scrim or friendly game represent M, IF There IS , dun use DS from now on + u must be good in S&D better than 1st division names lead by [M]> One , Marksman , Seeky, Hikari , Jumper , Exterminator, Reyvan , Kickass, Takumi , Blackcat , Chriss

If u beat them, u will replace them in the M clan to hav a friendly game / scrim


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